Top 15 Best Websites to Find Free Stuff
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Top 15 Best Websites to Find Free Stuff

Which websites to go to find free listings and free stuff. A listing and review of which freebie websites are better, easier to find free stuff.

Who doesn’t love free stuff? There are lots of freebie sites out there if you search for them on any search engine you will find tons of them. I have compiled a list of the top fifteen best websites in my opinion to find freebies. Some of these sites I have more experience with than others. First I would like to give you a general overview of freebies / samples themselves: Freebie sites are not the companies that are actually giving away the free products, they are just listing companies and products that are being given away that you can sign up for on the internet. Usually most freebie / sample listings ask for your name, address and email address. Occasionally they may ask for your phone number, birth date or other information; sometimes it is optional to give them this information. Do not ever give your social security number, check number or debit/credit card number because it is not a true free offer if this information is requested and it could be a scam. Also, be aware of offers that are not true freebies where you must complete an offer, complete a survey and/or buy something or subscribe to something before you can get an item for free. I am going to provide you with a review of each of the best freebie sites listed below. Here are the top fifteen websites to find free stuff:

1. Shop 4 Freebies: This is one of the best freebie websites because they update it daily and frequently. All you have to do is click on the freebie that is listed that you want and it will take you to the website where the freebie or sample is listed, then you can fill out the information it asks of you. Shop 4 Freebies web site is nice because they have a good layout of their site and they have a list of the “newest freebies” to keep up to date on new offers.

2. Freaky Freddie’s Free Funhouse: This is another great freebie site and one of the best because it has been around very long. They list the freebies offered by date, and they have listings of various different types of freebies, like “baby freebies” or “clothing freebies”, so if you are looking for something in particular you can find it easier and quicker. This site is updated frequently and always has a “Freebie of the day” listed as well.

3. Wal-Mart’s Free Sample Page: Wal-Mart has a free sample page on their website which has offers for free samples, free tools and free music. If you go to the website link above and click on free samples you will see which samples they are currently offering. They offer really great freebies all the time. Once you click on the freebie and request one, they will ask for some general information and will tell you how long it may take to receive your freebie. This is a great site to check regularly because the samples change all the time.

4. Free Stuff Daily: The layout of this site is very basic and generic, so there’s not much to look at other than the links to the freebies/samples. However, they update daily and have over thirty categories of freebies listed. The homepage always has the daily freebies listed. Watch out for freebies that are listed but are not 100% free because you have to meet certain qualifications or complete a survey or buy something.

5. Daily New Free Stuff: This site also updates daily and has listings of freebies under different categories. The layout is very basic on this site too, although there is a little more color and graphics used. Like many of the other freebie sites, you can sign up to receive emails from the site when new freebies are added.

6. Free Mania!: Free Mania! Claims to be the #1 free stuff directory online. They have lots of stuff listed on their site from coupons to freebies, samples, a daily free-stuff blog, a free-stuff forum and money saving tips. They also have a calendar listed on their homepage that displays current freebies by the day on a monthly calendar, which could come in very handy. This seems to be a site that I will definitely go back to, to check out further. It looks like they have a lot of useful information and a good listing of current freebies.

7. Just Free Stuff: Just free stuff is similar to a lot of the other freebie sites in that it has category listings and the daily free stuff is listed on the homepage. The site is fairly basic, with mostly links to other freebies and other free sites. You may find really good freebies listed that are not listed on most other sites. This site also lists sweepstakes and “enter to win” types of listings.

8. Cool Freebie Links: This site has category listings and the top rated freebies listed on their homepage. They also have a listing of other freebie sites at the bottom of their homepage. Remember to watch out for freebie offers that have program requirements for you to complete before you get a freebie. It seems like many of the freebies listed on this site are the type that you have to complete different types of offers before you qualify for a freebie. This type of offer may or may not be a scam potentially. I have always been leery of them.

9. Best Free Stuff: This site also has category listings of free stuff and they have featured free stuff on their homepage. This site seems to have a lot of freebies for moms, dads and babies listed. You can also sign up to receive an email from the site when updates are made and listings of new freebies.

10. Free Stuff Hot Deals: This site has a very colorful background and layout; it also has directories for a couple of different countries: U.S., Canada, Australia and the U.K. They also have a forum, articles listed and coupons listed. They have freebies listed by category, too.

11. Free Snatcher (blog): Free Snatcher is a blog about free stuff and free samples. This blog is updated daily so it is a great blog to check frequently for new freebies. There are listings of other freebie sites and blogs to find more free stuff.

12. Southern Savers (blog): Southern Savers is a blog about saving money using coupons and it regularly lists freebies and samples on the blog. The blog is updated daily and very frequently. This site lists coupon previews of upcoming coupons in the Sunday newspaper as well as coupons that are listed online that are printable. The blog also lists grocery deals at various stores throughout the southern region of the U.S. This is a very good blog to follow for sales, deals, coupons, freebies and samples.

13. Craigslist: By now most people have heard of Craigslist and understand how it works. You can buy and sell locally on Craigslist and there is also a place to list anything you want to give away for free. Many people give away free stuff everyday on Craigslist. All you have to do is go to the site regularly and continuously check what is being given away to see if there’s anything you might like. Once you find something being given away that you want, you can then email the person who listed the freebie or call them if they included their phone number in the post. If you request the free item first then you can arrange how you will pick up the item, etc., with the person who listed it. You may not be the first to request the item that’s been listed, and in that case you may not get the free item unless the item is not picked up by the first person to request it; you can leave your contact information just in case.

14. Freecycle: You must join a Yahoo! Freecycle group in your area to be able to get free stuff. You must also give away something in order to request something free from someone else. This is another good way to get free stuff locally.

15. Free Sharing: Free Sharing is similar to Freecycle, if you have something you don’t want you can list it on this site. They have several groups in many areas all over the U.S., so you should click on your state and then see if your region is listed. You can also go on the site to see if there’s anything listed that you want. Everything listed must be 100% free.

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A great new site to find free stuff can be found at It's a new site that mashes together the idea of Craigslist, eBay, and by allowing ongoing business links, online listings, and of course free classified listings.